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EntreMetric's EQA is an online assessment that provides quantitative information about how well the assessment taker's entrepreneurial mindset aligns with successful entrepreneurs in five statistically derived areas. The EQA report contains statistical and written feedback about the assessment taker's entrepreneurial mindset.   The assessment is a useful tool to assess people and programs interested in entrepreneurial mindset such as students and academic programs, companies wanting to understand their intrapreneurship culture, startups, incubators and accelerators, small business lending, and leadership programs. Our clients include people interested in learning more about themselves, SBA Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), lending agencies, incubators, educational programs and universities.

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About Our Product

The EQA can provide quantitative information about how well you align with successful entrepreneurs in five statistically derived areas. These factor areas include an amalgam of characteristics such as perseverance, self-efficacy, business acumen, leadership, judgment and decision making, and risk tolerance.

Comparing Test Results

After the assessment is taken and submitted, all the results are scored by a sophisticated form of statistical analysis.

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The Gold Standard

Prior to giving the assessment to the general public, EntreMetric selected 400 known successful entrepreneurs to take the EQA.

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Building Intelligence

After the assessment is taken and submitted, all the results are scored by our patented statistical analysis.

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About Our Company

Why start EntreMetric? We started this company because of the distressing failure rates of Entrepreneurial startups (80% within the first 18 months). A large fraction of the world’s workforce is made up of entrepreneurs or those working directly for entrepreneurs. A reduction of as little as 3% in failed ventures would not only save enormous sums of money for lenders, be they banks, insurance companies, venture capitalists, friends, acquaintances or family, but could also have a salutary impact on borrowers’ personal well being and interpersonal relationships. Parents invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in youth sports camps, tournaments, etc. with extremely little chance of their child becoming a collegiate or professional athlete. On the other hand, a small investment in this assessment could identify genuine entrepreneurial tendencies, demonstrate the need to develop skills and qualities associated with successful entrepreneurs or suggest an entirely different, non entrepreneurial, career path.

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