The EQA comprises several components that are designed to determine the extent to which your results align with those generated by a group of proven successful entrepreneurs. The comparative groups of successful entrepreneurs were selected using selective inclusion criteria to ensure their responses to the EQA would be representative and differentiating. Two of the EQA components are derived from measures found in the psychology literature dealing with the evaluation of aspiring entrepreneurs. Two other components of the EQA are unique to EntreMetric and are designed to evaluate judgement and perceived competence. Taken together along with the business acumen results, these five components are analyzed to generate three statistically-derived factors that are used to evaluate how your responses compare to responses drawn from a select group of proven successful entrepreneurs.

Who Should Take the Assessment?

The EQA will provide insight into an assessment takers entrepreneurial mindset. Have you considered entering a startup business but are unsure?

  • Are you a part of an Incubator, Accelerator or Co-work space?
  • Do you consult with entrepreneurs or small businesses and want to get into more depth with your clients?
  • Are you a Venture Capitalist that wants to measure not only the idea but the person?
  • Are you a student that has taken some entrepreneurship course?
  • Are you a University administrator looking for ways to evaluate the impact your programs in relation to innovation or entrepreneurship courses or co-curricular experiences are having on your students?
  • Are you looking to get a small business loan to start your own business?
  • Are you a loan officer that wants to be able to start a conversation with people looking for a small business loan?
  • Are you a manager in a company looking to find high potential employees to promote or place into management rotational programs?
  • Does your company have a hard time hiring and retaining new employees that have an intrapreneurial or innovative mindset?
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EQA Mindset & Evaluation

The EQA Mindset part of the results provides the assessment taker with an introduction to the EQA results and a description of the factors along with graphical representations of how your scores compare to the successful entrepreneurs’ mindset EM Factor scores. The graphical results include a radar plot which makes clear where your EM factors score overlap with EM the successful entrepreneurs’ mindset and a bar chart of the five EQ components with those of the successful entrepreneurs’ mindset EM Factors allowing for closer inspection of the data. The Evaluation part of the results will provide a deeper analysis, explaining each of the EM factors, and it includes recommendations for how to improve areas that do not identify as aligning with a successful entrepreneurial mindset. A color-coded indicator (Red / Yellow / Green) will help you quickly determine the assessment takers areas of strength and areas of improvement. The EQA Mindset & Evaluation retails for $60.

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EQA Mindset & Evaluation Licensing

EntreMetric offers volume, and educational discounts for corporate or educational institutions. Please inquire by email ( or fill out the contact form.

EQA Mindset Team Builder

Are you part of a team of entrepreneurs? We have an additional add-on that will allow you to request a side-by-side comparison of up to eight team members. This add-on is an additional $10 per team member and is only available to business and corporate memberships.