Ron was raised in northeastern Pennsylvania and was afforded the opportunity to earn his undergraduate and graduate education through the generosity of others. He was awarded a full athletic scholarship to attend Bucknell University and graduated in 1967 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He was also awarded a full academic scholarship to attend Harvard University and graduated in 1969 with a Master in Business Administration.

While at Harvard, Ron was impacted by the work of Dr. Abraham Zaleznik who studied the psychological makeup of successful entrepreneurs and who taught an early course in entrepreneurship entitled “Management of New Enterprises”. It was from this and other experiences at both Bucknell and Harvard that Ron identified his dream to become a successful entrepreneur not only to benefit his own family but also to give of his time and treasure in order to repay the generosity shown to him by others.

Ron and his wife, Pat, moved to Kansas City in 1970 knowing just two people in the community and without any accumulated capital. Subsequently they have been blessed with three children who were born and raised in Kansas City and with many people in the community who have been friends, investors, business associates, employees, and customers.

Over the years, Ron has been able to use his entrepreneurial and innovative skills to succeed in seven different business endeavors in seven different industries over a 44 year career. The seven were both start-up ventures as well as purchased-and-expanded going concerns with both high and low technology utilization. All included successful exit strategies that have allowed Ron to repay the generosity that was extended to him during his student years by mentoring others in their entrepreneurial efforts and by contributing to the formation and growth of several non-profit community initiatives.