Entrepreneurial Mindset Assessment Reviews

From the article: Entrepreneurial Mindset Assessment Reviews

The Validity is High; items were derived based on feedback from 400 entrepreneurs. Individual scores are referenced against the means of entrepreneurs who have completed the instrument. The Instrument is proprietary. The Developers are associated with the KEEN network at Bucknell. Individual results on each factor are compared to mean results of the entrepreneur reference group. This scoring technique is unique and increases the instrument’s validity and credibility.


The CSIU developed an “intrapreneurial” group made up of selected members of our staff. We were looking for a professional development tool that would not only help our employees with their quest, but also help management assess the talent and attributes needed to be successful. We found that with the EntreMetric assessment tool. In addition to having a hands on exercise that the employees could use, we also found the presentation to the group before and after taking the tool to be extremely beneficial.

The Entremetric entrepreneurial

The EntreMetric entrepreneurial assessment tool is an invaluable resource for our technology incubator. It’s one thing to have our members state their propensity for risk, business acumen, and leadership abilities, with EntreMetric we finally have an effective and unbiased tool to accurately measure it. EntreMetric allows us to engage our members at a higher level, in a timely manner while ultimately identifying the key resources they desperately need for their business growth.