How Writing Empowers Female Entrepreneurs


By Erin Jablonski

In the hyper-competitive business world, standing out from the crowd can be one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face. Additionally, despite the unique opportunities afforded by the entrepreneurial lifestyle, sexism still persists in the industry, and female entrepreneurs face a distinct set of challenges compared to their male counterparts.

Although women launch their own businesses at double the rate of men, according to Business Insider only 7% of venture capital funding in the US goes to woman-owned companies, and only 24% of the world’s senior business roles are held by women.

In an attempt to counter gender bias and provide further legitimacy to their careers and companies, many female entrepreneurs are turning to writing books. Not only does contributing to the business discussion help confront the gender gap, but it also builds credibility around their credentials.

“There’s a certain amount of vulnerability, passion and drive that goes into writing a book. And when a female entrepreneur can tap into this, their writing not only helps their business but helps them build… around their unique message and mission,” says Mona Patel, founder and CEO of Motivate Design.

Additionally, writing a book can help inform and inspire readers by providing valuable expertise on niche subjects and create increased exposure and opportunities for speaking engagements. However, most importantly, writing a book helps female entrepreneurs establish confidence in their expertise.

Writing a book is a valuable resource in the continued struggle for equality in the business world, and is an option that should be considered by female entrepreneurs.

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