Why Small Businesses Are Better Than Start-Ups


By Warren Lederer

Start-ups have become the sexy new alternative to small business ownership in Silicon Valley, the heart of the entrepreneurial industry, and in turn, the mainstream culture. The success of startups, as well as the prestige and social recognition derived from the title of “founder” has lead to a significant shift in business paradigms. In the long-term however, building a small business can be more beneficial and personally satisfying than start-ups.

According to Jon Westenberg, digital publisher & entrepreneur, pursuing a small business provides several distinct advantages:

Focus on Simplicity—Building small within clear limits and boundaries provides the freedom to pursue smaller elements that are important to your clients

People Matter More—Time to focus on those who matter in the business

Personal Touch—Give your users and customers a personalized experience

Minimal Expenses—Less Overhead, more potential for profits

Potential Growth—Opportunity to leverage your experience into bigger company in the future

While the allure of start-ups can be tempting, small business can make you healthier, happier, and wiser.

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